Collaboration & Innovation Grant

The Office of Student Life is excited to announce the creation of the Collaboration and Innovation Grant to support undergraduate programs and events that promote leadership and professional development, social interaction, and/or academic initiatives. The grant is specifically designed for projects that align with the College’s mission: “to educate the citizens and citizen-leaders for our society,” and is part of the Office of Student Life’s goal to foster growth in student leadership.

Grant amounts will be awarded up to $3,000. Student organizations, departments, House Committees, and individual student groups are all eligible and encouraged to apply for this grant. Student organizations, departments and House Committees are required to have two additional collaborators, while groups of students are required to have four additional student collaborators.
The application for this grant is composed of three parts:

1.     General applicant information

2.     Program/Event Proposal

Effective proposals will include:

●      A description for how the event or program will benefit campus social life with an emphasis on collaboration and inclusivity;

●      Demonstrate collaboration between three or more recognized student organizations, Houses, or University partners (e.g. Harvard College Women’s Center). Groups of at least five or more students are also welcomed to apply;

●      Students should also provide information regarding their affiliation with particular student organizations or Houses

Note that events should be free and open to all Harvard College students. Private parties are not eligible for this fund, and events that include the service of alcohol are permitted, but funds cannot be used and should not be the focal point of the event. Service of alcohol must be in line with the Harvard College alcohol policy.

3.     Line-item budget* detailing how the funds from the grant will cover various expenses
        *A sample budget can be found at

At this moment, the Office of Student Life is no longer accepting applications for the Collaboration and Innovation Grant, as the funds for the grant have all been allocated. Thank you for your interest in the grant.