In partnership with students and colleagues, the Office of Student Life at Harvard College cultivates an inclusive residential and campus experience that facilitates social engagement, campus involvement, intellectual curiosity, and personal exploration.

Staff are guided by the following core values in our work with students:

Inclusion: We believe in the transformative learning that happens when we acknowledge and celebrate individual difference, and therefore, support an environment that creates space for all people to thrive.

Support: We remain accountable to and reliant upon each other, understanding that in doing so we can work most effectively for Harvard College students.

Partnership: We find power in collaboration and the joining of ideas and resources that will best support Harvard College students.

Respect: We hold the contributions of all members of our community in the highest regard, recognizing that the varied expertise that comes from each person has the potential to positively impact students.

Excellence: We continuously encourage each other to operate at the edges of our learning to foster a community dedicated to personal and professional development.