Dudley Co-Op

The Dudley Co-op is a small community of approximately 30 undergraduate students who choose to live together in a cooperative environment.  Students share responsibility for household chores and pay a reduced housing fee.  Board costs are determined through and paid to the Cooperative.  The Co-op consists of two properties in Cambridge near campus, one on Massachusetts Avenue and one on Sacramento Street.  

In the Co-op, breakfasts, dinners, and weekend brunches are prepared communally; lunches are prepared individually.  Decisions about the running of the Co-op are made by all of the Co-op members to foster a supportive and tolerant atmosphere.

Co-op students affiliate with Dudley House, the non-residential House for students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and are “Deaned” by the Dudley House Resident Dean. 

Students interested in living in the Co-op should contact the Dudley House Undergraduate Office for information on the application process.  Once a student is officially offered a spot in the Co-op he or she should submit a Dudley Co-op Relocation Form via the Residential Portal. 

Rising sophomores are eligible to apply to live in the Co-op and if offered a space must submit a Co-op Relocation Form. 

Students interested in living in the Co-op should email the Undergraduate Coordinator, ududley@fas.harvard.edu, or call 617-495-2256.