Frequently Asked Questions

Is compensation offered? 
Resident Tutors and Proctors are provided with a suite and a limited meal plan (meal plans vary by House and in the Yard), however generally no other financial compensation is offered. In the Yard, partners in residence share one meal plan unless both partners serve as Proctors. Meal plans in the Houses vary by House.
Stipends may be available for Resident Tutors who take on additional responsibilities in the Houses (e.g. librarian, Senior Resident Tutor, web manager, fellowship adviser, etc.).
What types of accommodations are provided? 
Accommodations throughout the Houses and Yard and are as varied as the architecture of the buildings. It is not uncommon for Resident Tutors and Proctors to live in suites without kitchens. In many dorms in the Yard and in some Houses proctors and tutors share hallway bathrooms with students. 
What type of training is provided? 
New Resident Tutors and Proctors attend an extensive orientation program prior to the start of each academic year. Ongoing staff meetings and professional development opportunities exist during the academic year as well.
When am I required to be in residence? 
Resident Tutors and Proctors are expected to be in residence from the beginning of training through Commencement (for Resident Tutors) or freshman move-out at the end of May (for Proctors). Expectations regarding required meetings, specific required residence dates, and time away from the dorm or House are set by the Freshman Dean’s Office or the individual House. 
Is there a required time commitment? 
Proctors are generally expected to give a two year commitment. Although there is not a formal requirement for Resident Tutors the average duration of a Resident Tutor is around 3 years.
Can I have pets on-campus? 
Yes, tutors and proctors are allowed to have pets on campus.
Are positions available in the Dudley Co-Op?
Yes.  Dudley House has two Resident Tutors assigned to Co-op. Resident Tutors at the co-op help support the community as a whole and the individual students in residence. They get to know the students and join in dinners and community events, advise students on general academic and personal issues, support students experiencing difficulty, help with issues of co-op governance, and communicate and enforce the rules of the house and the college. Resident Tutors also participate in the broader Dudley House community by attending regular events and staff meetings.
More information about the Dudley House Co-Op may be found here.
How do I apply? 
The application will launch on Thursday, December 1, 2016 and may be accessed here.  Applications are only accepted through the online process.
What is the application deadline? 
Proctor applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, however priority will be given to those applicants who submit their application materials by 12 PM EST on Monday, January 1, 2018.  The priority deadline for Resident Tutor applicants is 9 AM EST on Wednesday, January 29, 2018.  Individual Houses may still consider applications submitted after this deadline, depending on vacancies.
When will I receive a decision? 
Application decisions will be communicated to Resident Tutor and Proctor applicants between late March and early April.
What application materials are required?
Depending on the position you are applying for, the required application materials will vary.  
Resident Tutor applicants are required to submit an online application, including attaching a current copy of their CV/resume, cover letter and listing two references with contact information (letters of recommendation are not required for Resident Tutors).  Applicants for Proctor positions should refer to the FDO website for information on what application materials are required.
All applicants are subject to a background check by FAS Human Resources.
Can I apply for both the Resident Tutor & Proctor positions?
Yes. There are individual applications for each position, with separate deadlines.  To apply for both positions, you will need to submit both applications.
I'm a Harvard employee. Am I eligible to be a Tutor or Proctor?
Yes. Employees must be working a minimum of half-time and in an exempt position.  Exempt-level employees are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act concerning hours worked, meaning that they are not paid hourly and are not eligible for overtime.  If you are unsure if your position is exempt or non-exempt please consult with your supervisor or HR representative.
Can a student from any Harvard graduate school apply? Do you hire Master's degree students as well as Ph.D. students? International students? 
Yes.  Eligibility requirements include enrollment as a degree candidate in a Harvard graduate or professional school or a minimum of half-time employment in the University in an exempt position.  We welcome international students to apply who meet the previously mentioned criteria.  
How do I officially represent my department as a Resident Tutor? 
Resident Tutor applicants should contact the Director of Undergraduate Study in their department to inquire about this opportunity.
I won’t find out if I was admitted to my program until after the deadline. Can I still apply? 
It is not encouraged and not common for first year graduate students to serve as Tutors or Proctors.  An appointment will not be offered until appropriate University affiliation is established and confirmed. 
Can my partner also apply to be a Resident Tutor or Proctor? What does he or she need to submit? 
Yes. If a partner is also applying, your information must be submitted within the same application.  Once you indicate you are applying as a couple the application will include space for both individuals.  An application can be saved and submitted at a later date. 
If one partner has a HUID then both can apply on the application.  If neither has a HUID then applicants can obtain an “XID” prior to applying. The instructions for obtaining an XID are on the landing page of the online application.
Do positions ever become available over the summer? 
Many Houses and the Freshmen Dean's Office (FDO) maintain a wait list, in the event an unexpected vacancy arises over the summer months.