Fundraising is not an end in itself. Funds should always be raised to support an organization’s mission or to underwrite operations or programs, based on current or forecasted needs. Sustainable organizations develop sound processes that can ensure a consistent flow of resources over time.

John Harvard

Student organizations work to secure various types of funding and resources, including:

  • Grants (internal to Harvard and external)
  • Monetary donations (corporate support, alumni donations, etc)
  • In-kind contributions (food, equipment, space, etc)
  • Sale of goods or services (merchandise, advertising space, publications, etc)
  • Event proceeds

The DSO is available as a resource for student organization fundraising activities. Organizations engaging with alumni for the purpose of soliciting donations should be in contact with the DSO early in the planning process to receive additional support and take advantage of a variety of resources from the Harvard College Fund and Harvard Alumni Association.

Student organization fundraising generally follows these steps:

  1. Planning and budgeting
  2. Identifying potential sources of funding
  3. Receiving funds
  4. Acknowledging gifts