Gift/Endowment Accounts

Student organizations receive vital financial support from alumni, private contributors, and corporate donations, and many donors express an interest in making tax-deductible gifts. Since most Harvard College student organizations are not separately incorporated as 501(c)3 charity organizations, funds they receive directly do not qualify as tax-deductible.

When a student organization establishes a gift account, the University receives donations on behalf of the organization and donors receive a gift acknowledgement from Alumni and Development Services (ADS) that they may use for tax reporting.

Endowment funds are established with a long-term goal of providing yearly income to subsequent members of the student organization.  Funds are held in perpetuity and only the income generated by investing the gift may be spent.

Donors to both gift and endowment funds, should not expect to receive any benefit in return for gifts given to an organization.

The Office of Student Life will entertain requests by student organizations to establish gift and endowment funds with the University for organizations with a proven and sustained contribution to the Harvard College community and whose history at the College suggests continued and long-term existence. Rarely will requests to establish a gift or endowment made by new student organizations by be approved.  For more information on requesting a new account, click here.