Group Registration

Many students choose to enter the lottery process as a member of a group, also known as a blocking group. There are three characteristics of all blocking groups:

  • No more than 8 students.
  • Single or mixed gender.
  • Guaranteed to live in the same house.

Group Leaders & Letter Recipients

Each blocking group must designate a Group Leader and a Letter Recipient as part of the registration process. The Group Leader is responsible for creating the group in the Residential Portal by indicating a group name and password and then sharing these details with each of the other members of the group. These details should only be shared with students who intend to join the group. The Letter Recipient is the group member who will receive the group's assignment letter on Housing Day, Thursday, March 14. This person must be available in their current dorm room between 8:30 - 9:30 AM on that date. The Group Leader and Letter Recipient do not need to be the same group member.

Group Names

We encourage Group Leaders to be creative, yet thoughtful when creating a group name. Each group's name must be unique (duplicate group names will result in an error during the creation process). While a group name has no bearing on the lottery process, it is viewable to fellow students during the registration process (individual group members are not identified) and is provided to House staff at the conclusion of the lottery process. The Dean of Students Office reserves the right to edit group names that are found to be offensive or in poor taste.    

Joining a Group

Every member of the blocking group is responsible for their own registration and joining the group. The Group Leader cannot add the members in bulk. As members add themselves to the blocking group, all other members of that group who have already registered will receive an email notification alerting them to the recently added member. The Group Leader does not need to submit the group once each member has joined, so each member should complete the registration process fully. Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation.

Making Changes to a Group

Any changes to a group, post submission, must be communicated via email to the Dean of Students Office before 9 AM on TBD. Change request emails must be sent to the address in the link above. Requests sent to other addresses will not be accepted. Each group member must send an individual email acknowledging and approving the change(s). One email with each group member's name will not be accepted, nor will in-person or over the phone change requests. Changes requests after the above deadline will not be considered.