House Staff

Each House is staffed by a team dedicated to the student experience inside and outside the classroom. House staff is comprised of both residential and non-residential personnel who provide a wide range of support and services and should serve as the first point of contact for student needs.

Faculty Deans

Each Harvard House is under the leadership of Faculty Deans, living in residence. Among varied duties of the Faculty Deans, the role of academic officer in the residential college system is preeminent. In addition, Faculty Deans are responsible for all House staff, tutorial and Senior Common Room appointments. In short, Faculty Deans set the tone for the House in its activities and in its function as a close-knit community within the context of a larger college and university. 

Faculty Deans Directory

Sean Palfrey


Allston Burr Resident Deans of Harvard College

Each House is served by an Allston Burr Resident Dean, who under the direction of the Dean of Harvard College and the Faculty Deans, is responsible for the well-being of the students in that House. The Allston Burr Resident Dean represents House members at the Administrative Board, is the primary liaison to academic departments on behalf of students, and serves as a key resource for students who encounter personal or academic difficulty. The Allston Burr Resident Dean contributes to the House as a scholar and participates fully in the life of the community.

Assistant Deans Directory

House Administrator 

The House Administrator oversees all aspects of the House lottery and room assignment process.  Questions about housing cancellations and returning forms, in-House room/suite changes, and the InterHouse Transfer process should be directed to the House Administrator.  The House Administrator manages the House finances and budget and plans events for the House community. 

House Administrators Directory

Academic Coordinator 

The Academic Coordinator answers students’ questions on routine academic matters, provides support for pre-professional and fellowship committees and advisers, assists in the preparation of weekly Administrative Board dockets and otherwise implements and maintains office systems and procedures.

Academic Coordinators

Building Manager 

The Building Manager of each House is responsible for the physical upkeep of their House. Attending to maintenance problems, providing housekeeping items, overseeing storage (where applicable) and managing House property are all under the Building Manager’s charge. Students may submit routine maintenance requests online (requires HUID & PIN authentication). Emergency or urgent maintenance needs (i.e. major leak, loss of heat in winter months, power outages, etc.) should be called into the Operations Center at 617-495-5560. The Operations Center is open 24/7.

Building Managers Directory

Dining Hall Manager 

The Dining Hall Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the House dining hall to which the manager is assigned. Dining Hall Managers are responsive to student feedback and make every effort to address the specific needs of each House including dietary needs and preferences, special events and formal dinners.

Dining Hall Managers Directory


House Tutors, both resident and non-resident, provide counsel and serve as a resource for undergraduates. They are typically graduate students or staff whose primary roles are to provide academic and personal advice to students, as well as to participate in the life of the House. Tutors take initiative in organizing and participating in intellectual, cultural, and extracurricular activities in the House, such as discussion and language tables, intramural sports, drama, music, and art. Tutors often represent their departments and/or fields of study by teaching sections and advising students interested in their fields.

Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room (SCR) consists of all non-undergraduates associated with the House: the Faculty Deans and Tutors, as well as other University professors, administrators, community members and visiting scholars. Each House sponsors events to which the Senior Common Room is invited, providing undergraduates with an opportunity to seek support and advice from members of the Harvard community at various stages of their professional careers.