Housing Cancellation

The DSO and Houses operate under the assumption that unless otherwise indicated a student plans to live on campus.  If a student wishes to take a leave of absence, is withdrawing from the College, moving off campus, or studying abroad s/he must complete a Housing Contract Cancellation Form.

  • Failure to participate in the House Lottery does not automatically cancel housing
  • Speaking with a Resident Dean or House Administrator does not cancel housing
  • Receiving AdBoard approval for a voluntary leave of absence or to study abroad does not cancel housing

Students who want to cancel their housing must complete and submit the cancellation form by the specified deadline.  Failure to submit the form by the specified deadlines will result in fees.

Credits (refunds) to student term bills are made based on the submission of a form. If a student fails to submit a cancellation form there will be no refund credited to the term bill, and late fees will continue to accrue until a form is received by the Dean of Students Office.

Rescind Cancellation

Students that have a change in plans and no longer wish to cancel their housing may rescind their cancellation.  To rescind a cancellation, the student must log back into the portal and complete the Rescind Cancellation form. 

By rescinding a cancellation, the student is notifying the DSO and House of his/her intent to remain in residence for the current term.

Please note: The rescind cancellation form may only be used for the current term.  If a student has cancelled housing for a future term the student must complete the Returning Student Application and must do so by the appropriate deadlines to guarantee housing.