Student Involvement

Message from Dean Miller

Warm Greetings,

As the sounds of summer begin to echo through the yard, the Office of Student Life is preparing to cap off what has been a great year for student life on campus. Our office is delighted to have been able to put on such a great year of successful and inclusive programming that had a huge impact across many communities here on campus. As we all prepare to head out for the year, to return to our respective homes or take on new endeavors, we recognize this time as one for reflection.

Leadership Development – Our office’s commitment to Leadership Development this year is unprecedented. We’ve been able to change the conversation around leadership on campus and refocus our attention on leadership as a process as opposed to a position. Our office hopes to bring programs like our Leadershape Catalyst workshop back next semester so that we can continue to engage students in these conversations.

Large-Scale Programming – This year our office looked to our undergrads for advice and we came up with new ways to bring the party to the entire undergraduate body. Thanks to the Queen’s Head Pub and its dedicated staff, TGIMardi Gras was a great success! In addition, collaboration served as one of our greatest assets when launching initiatives like Live @ Sanders Theater which featured Leslie Jones in its debut!

Collaboration & Innovation – Our office wasn’t just committed to promoting inclusive and collaborative programming, we were here to support it as well. Thanks to our committed intern team, our office was able to fund a number of different student initiatives through our Collaboration & Innovation Grant which brought together student groups across campus.

Student Recognition – Most importantly, this year our office was able to recognize the achievements of students across classes who have made generous and impactful contributions to campus life. With the launch of our Student Leadership Recognition Awards we were able to highlight some of our fabulous student leaders across many campus communities.

With a great year of programming and activities, we hope to bring you even more next year. Be sure to look out for a significant remodeling of theHub come next semester. Here at the OSL we are committed to providing inclusive and engaging programming that we hope will bring students from differing backgrounds into dialogue, on which our college has thrived. Next year, we hope to further this dialogue and continue to ensure this campus is one for all to take ownership of and enjoy.

Kind Regards,
Alex Miller, Assistant Dean of Student Life

Student Involvement

The Student Involvement Team in the Office of Student Life supports involvement outside the classroom. We offer support for student leaders in the creation of vibrant and inclusive activities that build community at Harvard College.  From student-led initiatives in the numerous student organizations on campus to various campus-wide events and traditions, we are here to enhance the student experience.


Involvement can take the shape of co-curricular or extra-curricular pursuits through which students have opportunities to develop new ideas, discover hidden talents, cultivate interpersonal skills, and work to accomplish collectively what could not be done individually.

Life-long learning, leadership development, personal growth, and even future careers are informed by pursuits, which include journalism, literature, music and the arts, public service, politics, religious life, business, and innumerable other realms.

Let us know how we can help with initiatives that contribute to the social and intellectual life of the College. 

Get involved 

There are over 400 student organizations at the College. Prospective students can search the list here. Current students can find organizations in theHub

Resources for student leaders

From event planning and travel to fundraising and finances, OSL provides the logistical support to get ideas off the ground. 

Leading in the Harvard community

The Harvard College Handbook for Students includes policies regarding undergraduate student organizations, including the types of organizations and the responsibilities and benefits of being a recognized organization on campus.