Groups have the option within the registration process to "link" with one other group. Linking with another group is not required to register. There are three characteristics of linked groups:

  1. Each group can be single or mixed gender
  2. Each group is guaranteed to be placed in the same neighborhood, but will not be assigned to the same House
  3. Each group can be of different size*

* Individually registered students cannot link to another individually registered student.  If an individually registered student wishes to link, the other group must contain 2-8 students. 


River East: Dunster, Leverett & Mather
River West: Eliot, Kirkland & Winthrop
River Central: Adams, Quincy & Lowell
Quad: Cabot, Currier & Pforzheimer

To Link Groups

The linking process can only be completed by the Group Leader and both groups must have been created in order to be linked. Only one of the Group Leaders needs to link the groups. Once the groups have been successfully linked a confirmation email will automatically be sent to all registered members of both groups.

Making Changes to Linked Groups

Any changes to linked groups, post submission, must be communicated via email to the Dean of Students Office before 9 AM on TBD. Change request emails must be sent to the address in the link above. Requests sent to other addresses will not be accepted. Each group member of both groups must send an individual email acknowledging and approving the change(s). One email with each group member's name will not be accepted, nor will in-person or over the phone change requests. Changes requests after the above deadline will not be considered.