Preparing for a Safe Semester

September 4, 2018
Dear Harvard College Students,
I am delighted to welcome you back to campus. As we begin the fall term, I am writing to share a friendly reminder about important safety matters. Harvard College and the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) are committed to providing the Harvard community with a safe and secure environment, and you are crucial partners in that endeavor. It is important to remember that we are located in an urban setting. Therefore, we share many of the crime and safety issues that exist in any city. Please make sure you:
  • Utilize services do not just be aware of them
  • Assume a personal responsibility by taking precautions to reduce risk of being victimized
  • Look out for one another, so we can collectively protect our community
Some best practices include:
  • Store the HUPD urgent number (617-495-1212) in your phone.
  • When you leave your room, lock your doors and windows. Do not prop open doors or disengage door locks.
  • Do not allow anyone you do not know to enter a building when you are entering or exiting. If a stranger does enter, call HUPD.
  • Voice concerns about crime and disorder problems. Don’t wait until crimes occur or problems get out of control.
  • Travel safely. If you are out after dark, use only well-lit routes, make use of shuttle buses, Campus Escort Program, and travel in groups when possible.
  • Do not talk on your cell phone or use ear phones while walking or riding your bike.
  • Learn where blue light emergency phones are located on campus.
  • Keep your belongings secure. Register your bicycle and laptop with HUPD.
  • Do not leave your purse, wallet, book bag, laptop, phone, or other property unattended in a public setting.
  • Consider purchasing insurance coverage. As a Harvard College student, you can receive a preferred rate through College Student Insurance. Other popular sources include National Student Services, Worth Ave Group, and Esurance.
Resources and Support Sincerely,
Lauren Brandt
Associate Dean of Students
Harvard College