Winter Break Reminders

December 13, 2018
Dear Harvard College Students,

As the year draws to a close, I would like to call your attention to Winter Recess closing, dining, and transportation information.

House Winter Recess Closures 
  • Houses will close at noon on Friday, December 21st for students not returning in the Spring, and at 5:00pm for all other students.
  • Building operations staff will begin performing suite inspections shortly after houses close.
  • Houses will reopen and card access will be restored at 9:00 am Friday, January 18, unless granted an earlier return.   
  • Questions can be directed to your building manager or Facilities 617-495-1874.  
Dining Hours and Meal Times
  • For specific opening and closing information for the Houses and FlyBy, please visit the HUDS website.
  • Bag meals are available until December 20th, but can only be ordered from open locations.
Shuttle Services
  • Shuttles and vans will run on a revised schedule from December 21st to January 17th.
  • Full Academic Service will resume on Friday, January 18th.
With warm wishes for the holidays, and wishing everyone safe travels,

Lauren Brandt
Associate Dean of Students