Diversity and Inclusion

Naisha Bradley

Naisha Bradley

Director, Harvard College Women’s Center

Naisha is the primary contact for pregnant and parenting students at the College, and should also be contacted by alumni (especially connected to Radcliffe) who hope to cultivate a relationship with a dedicated women's space on campus, by organizations or offices interested in hosting a Gender 101 Workshop, and by student organizations interested in collaborating with the Women's Center or hoping to get involved with the Leaders Forum.

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Canaday Hall, B Entry
p: 617-496-2029
Loc Truong

Loc Truong

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Contact with questions or concerns regarding equity, diversity and inclusion, training and facilitating student leadership development and diversity topics with students and staff, questions, concerns, and resources for undocumented students, first-generation college students, foster youth, bias reporting, support for student conferences, Intergroup Dialogue, and Diversity Peer Educators, and support for Race Relations tutors and proctors.
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p: 617- 496-2371