Welcome Back Megaphone

Recognized student organizations in good standing with the College have the privilege of advertising on campus.  The publicity an organization distributes reflects on that organization, its members, and the broader Harvard community. As such, it is important that publicity is in good taste and reflects the values of the organization.  

Publicity for events and activities should always include the following:

  • Name of the event, program, or activity
  • Name of the sponsoring organization
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Who to contact for more information (website, email address, etc.)
    • This is especially important so that individuals with disabilities can contact event organizers if an accommodation is needed

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when making a publicity plan:

  • Posters may be placed only on bulletin boards/kiosks in the Yard, or on sandwich boards (use RoomBook to reserve these sandwich boards)

  • Prior permission of the Dean of Students Office is required for posters larger than 11” x 17”, with the exception of those places on reserved sandwich boards

The following are not permitted: 

  • Postering on “restricted” bulletin boards (inside classrooms or buildings) without explicit permission from the bulletin board’s owner

  • Postering on doors, fences, entry posts, gates, utility poles, waste containers, sidewalks, or other similar places 

  • Balloons in Harvard Yard

  • Chalking on University property. Organizations that chalk will be fined and charged for the total costs related to clean up.

  • Banners on the exterior of any University building

Organizations violating these rules can be fined up to $200 per daily violation and may lose postering privileges by the College.