Returning to Housing

Returning Student Housing Application 

Students who want to return to College housing must complete and submit the returning student housing application via the Residential Portal by the specified deadlines.  Students who submit this form late will be placed on a space available wait list (see below) for their House and are not guaranteed housing. 

All students wishing to return to on-campus housing after taking time away from on-campus housing must fill out a Returning Student Housing Application.

Specific housing questions regarding roommates, room/suite selection, etc. should be addressed to the appropriate House Administrator.

Rescinding Returning Student Housing Application 

Student that have a change in plans and no longer wish to return to housing may rescind their returning student housing application. Rescinding the returning student housing application must be done via the residential portal.

By rescinding a returning student housing application, the student is notifying the DSO and House of his/her intent to remain out of on-campus housing for the current term.

Please note: The rescind returning student housing application form may only be used for the current term.  If a student has completed a Returning Student Housing Application for a future term the student must complete the Housing Cancellation Form and must do so by the appropriate deadlines to guarantee housing.   

Space Available Wait List (SAWL) 

Students who fail to submit the Returning Student Housing Application (RSA) by the appropriate deadline for the term they wish to be housed will automatically be placed on their House’s SAWL.  Students on the SAWL are not guaranteed on-campus housing.  Students will ordinarily be housed from the SAWL by date priority determined by the submission of their returning student housing application via the housing portal.

Students on the SAWL are eligible for housing in their assigned House and only their assigned House. Students on the SAWL will not be permitted to transfer Houses in an attempt to secure on-campus housing as the Inter House transfer deadlines are applicable.