Rising Sophomore Lottery



The purpose of the lottery is to randomly assign first-year students (rising sophomores) to one of the 12 upperclass Houses. This is the first step in a two-stage process. After the Rising Sophomore Housing Lottery has been completed, each House administers a second lottery process to assign affiliates to a suite/bed space. More information about this second process will be shared with rising sophomores in the spring term.


The lottery is administered randomly using a basic mathematical process. The only control in the lottery is for gender balance in each House. Factors related to siblings enrolled in the College or legacy families are not considered.


All first-year students who completed the Fall 2018 term are required to participate in the lottery, including students who:

  • Are on a leave of absence or have been required to withdraw for the Spring 2019 term.
  • Are intending on taking a leave of absence for the Fall 2019 term.
  • Are intending to move off-campus for the Fall 2019 term.
  • Are intending to apply to live in the Dudley Co-Op for the Fall 2019 term.

First-year students who did not complete the Fall 2018 term are not eligible to participate in the lottery and will return to the Yard.  

Registration Options

Students may enter the lottery process either as a member of a group or as an individual. We encourage you to determine how you wish to register well in advance of the start of the process. Any eligible student who does not self-register will be manually registered as an individual by the Dean of Students Office.