Student Engagement

The Student Engagement Team in the Dean of Students Office supports engagement outside the classroom. We offer support for student leaders in the creation of vibrant and inclusive activities that build community at Harvard College.  From student-led initiatives in the numerous student organizations on campus to various campus-wide events and traditions, we are here to enhance the student experience.


Engagement can take the shape of co-curricular or extra-curricular pursuits through which students have opportunities to develop new ideas, discover hidden talents, cultivate interpersonal skills, and work to accomplish collectively what could not be done individually.

Life-long learning, leadership development, personal growth, and even future careers are informed by pursuits, which include journalism, literature, music and the arts, public service, politics, religious life, business, and innumerable other realms.

Let us know how we can help with initiatives that contribute to the social and intellectual life of the College. 

Get involved 

There are over 400 student organizations at the College. Prospective students can search the list here. Current students can find organizations in theHub

Resources for student leaders

From event planning and travel to fundraising and finances, DSO provides the logistical support to get ideas off the ground. 

Leading in the Harvard community

The Harvard College Handbook for Students includes policies regarding undergraduate student organizations, including the types of organizations and the responsibilities and benefits of being a recognized organization on campus.