2018 Student Leaders Forum

2018 Student Leaders Forum Sessions 

Session One: Wednesday, September 12th, 7-9pm, SOCH Event Hall (104)

Session Two: Thursday, September 13th, 6-8pm, SOCH Event Hall (104)


The Dean of Students Office offers two sessions of the Fall 2018 Student Leaders Forum, an organization registration requirement where student leaders can come together and engage in meaningful conversation.  

Session One: Wednesday, September 12th, 7-9pm, SOCH Event Hall (104)

Session Two: Thursday, September 13th, 6-8pm, SOCH Event Hall (104)  

At these sessions, we will address the new Recognized Student Organization Resource and Policy Guide and the improved student organization portal, theHub! 

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Student Leaders Forum as an Annual Registration Requirement

The Student Leaders Forum is an Annual Registration requirement for all ISOs and a highly-recommended meeting for DSSOs. On behalf of your organization, one executive officer (defined as the president(s), vice president, and treasurer, or your organization's equivalent positions) is required to participate in one of the two offered Student Leaders Forum sessions. Attendees must be listed as an executive officer of your organization on theHub, or their participation in the Forum will not count towards satisfying your group's registration requirement. Please note that each attendee is only allowed to represent one organization at each session, and that all attendees should be filling out their own RSVP forms.

Note: The maximum capacity of each session is 300 and we will close a session once it reaches 300 RSVPs.

Failure to send an executive officer, who is listed as such for your organization on theHub, will prevent your organization from completing its registration requirements, and will result in your group potentially losing its recognition with the College. As a reminder, privileges such as college funding, reserving spaces, and using the Harvard College name are only granted to Recognized student organizations. 

Individuals requiring accommodations or information regarding accessibility should contact the Accessible Education Office at 617-496-8707 or aeo@fas.harvard.edu.

Questions? Email soch@fas.harvard.edu