Support Resources

Where to Turn on Campus for Support

If you or someone you know is being hazed and is seeking medical or psychological support, there are many services on campus to assist you. Your proctor, tutor, or resident dean may also be able to advise you of where to turn for support.

Professional Services

Harvard University Health Services
Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) provides high quality, comprehensive, confidential health care to students, staff, faculty, and their dependents at the main health service located at Holyoke Center in Harvard Square, as well as at satellite clinics on the Business, Law, and Medical Area campuses. HUHS Clinicians are available to provide advice and treatment of urgent health problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Urgent health problems (physical or emotional) include sudden, serious and unexpected illnesses, injuries, or conditions which require immediate attention.

Counseling and Mental Health Services
Counseling and Mental Health Services provides 24/7/365 coverage to students, offering confidential counseling and psychological services for a wide variety of concerns, such as:

  • bereavement
  • transitional issues and adjustment difficulties
  • depression, anxiety, or stress
  • concerns interfering with work or relationships
  • sexual concerns
  • high-risk behaviors around food, alcohol and/or other substances

Bureau of Study Counsel
617-495-2581; Email:
The Bureau of Study Counsel supports students in their academic and personal development. Students consult the Bureau regarding a wide variety of academic and personal concerns, including, for example, issues related to motivation, academic performance, or a sense of well-being, and issues that arise in living or working with others. Visit the BSC website for more information about counseling, workshops, support groups, and on-line self-help resources.

Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services
The Office of Alcohol & Other Drug Services (AODS) works to support students as they navigate their personal choices around substance use. AODS works with students and staff throughout the University to create a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program focused on empowering the Harvard community to make informed choices through education, consultation, brief intervention, and referral. Our office provides brief confidential consultations to students seeking support or who are referred to us. AODS is open Monday Through Friday from 9-5.

The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
617-495-9100; Email:
The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR) provides confidential, 24-hour information, assistance, and support for those who have experienced sexual assault and related forms of interpersonal violence, including sexual harassment and relationship abuse.

Peer Counseling Services

617-495-4969; Email:
Thayer Hall Basement
Hotline and Drop-in hours: Nightly, 7:00 pm–7:00 am

Room 13 is a confidential, peer counseling group staffed every night from 7 PM to 7 AM by both a male and female counselor who are trained to discuss a range of issues affecting college students. Room 13 staff members offer a supportive, sympathetic ear, maintain strict confidentiality, and welcome discussion of any concerns without criticizing or passing judgment.

617-495-9600; Email:
Lowell House Basement E 13
Hotline hours: Nightly, 9:00 pm–8:00 am
Drop-in hours: Sunday through Thursday 9PM to midnight

Response is a group of undergraduate women professionally trained to provide peer counseling on issues of rape, abuse, intimate violence, psychological and physical harassment, and relationships. Response staff members provide non-judgmental support, honest answers, and information, and are aware of resources on and off-campus for individuals in need of medical, legal, and/or psychological support. Response also provides outreach opportunities to the Harvard student community during the academic year. 

Peer Education

Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors (DAPAs)
617-496-0133; Email:

Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors (DAPAs) are a select group of student-leaders who have been trained to respond to questions about alcohol and other drug issues at Harvard. Feel free to contact a DAPA with any of your questions or concerns.

Consent Assault Awareness & Relationship Educators
Members of Consent Assault Awareness & Relationship Educators (CAARE) serve as liaisons between OSAPR and the Harvard undergraduate community. They further OSAPR’s broad mission of engendering a student culture free of interpersonal violence by coordinating and promoting relevant programming and informing OSAPR’s outreach strategies.