From time to time student organizations may choose to travel domestically or internationally as part of their organizational activities.  The Dean of Students Office is available to help advise students regarding best practices to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.


Best practices:

International Travel Registration for all independent and Harvard-funded student organization travel. 

Student organizations that receive recognition from Harvard College are permitted to use the Harvard College name.  While student organizations are considered to be independent of the University, the College expects that they will take great care when exercising this privilege and manage trips responsibly.

Emergency Protocol

For incidents that occur during student organization trips or off campus activities

In the event of an accident, emergency, sickness, or hospitalization affecting any Harvard students during a student organization trip, it is important to immediately contact HUPD at 617.495.1212 to notify the College of the incident.  The purpose of this protocol is to improve communication and ensure that the College can arrange appropriate support for the individual student(s) affected by the incident.