Resident/Non-Resident Tutors


Resident Tutors are valued and important members of the staff of Harvard College who play a vital role in the residential and educational life of undergraduates. Each House in the College forms a small academic and social community in which Resident Tutors and undergraduates live, eat, socialize and study together within the larger context of the College and University. Because of the informal nature of this environment, and the unique character of each individual House, it is important for both Tutors and students to understand Tutors’ multiple roles within the House system as a whole.

The roles and responsibilities of the Resident Tutors fall into three broad areas:

1) Neighborhood or Entryway Responsibilities: Each Tutor lives in a part of the House where he or she is the College Officer of his or her designated area. In this capacity, Tutors are expected to:

  • meet with and be available to students on an individual basis;
  • explain the rules of the House and the College;
  • help create and maintain a safe an livable environment;
  • be a liaison to the many resources within the College (Office of Career Services, Bureau of Study Counsel, etc.); and
  • bring to the attention of the Faculty & Assistant Deans students’ academic or personal problems, or serious infractions of House or College rules, and work with Deans in helping the students address any problems they encounter.

2) Academic Advising: Composed of members drawn from across FAS departments and from various Schools within the University, the tutorial staffs help create Houses environments conducive to advising in a broad context, extending beyond, but not exclusive of, specific concentration advising. Each House designs its academic advising structure a little differently, but almost all Tutors have academic advising responsibilities in the following two areas:

a) Sophomore Advising: The majority of Tutors will serve as Sophomore Advisers to a designated number of sophomore advisees. Duties will include:

  • meeting with each sophomore advisee at least 4 times in the fall term and 3 times in the spring term;
  • helping advisees select courses for the fall term and make informed concentration choices;
  • signing Study Cards, Plans of Study, and other forms;
  • advising sophomores on academic matters such as study abroad and research opportunities; and
  • attending a mandatory 6-hour academic advising orientation in the fall.

b) General Advising: In addition to specific Sophomore Advising responsibilities, it is expected that Tutors will be in good standing in their department, and will:

  • meet regularly with students to discuss academic questions and concerns;
  • be familiar with the academic rules of Harvard College;
  • advise students on the Core Curriculum, non-concentration course choices and other academic opportunities;
  • direct students to appropriate resources for further information;
  • share with the Assistant Dean relevant information concerning students; and
  • advise students on postgraduate plans and opportunities.

3) Community Involvement: While varying from House to House, the responsibilities of community can be generalized as follows:

  • be in residence in the House during the academic year except for vacation periods and, with explicit permission of the Faculty Dean, an occasional short trip;
  • attend College-wide and House Tutor meetings; take meals in the dining hall regularly; be available to students during stressful times;
  • attend House functions, including sophomore outings and orientations, commencement and other functions designated by the Faculty Dean;
  • perform “on-call” duty when required by the House.

Interested in being a Non Resident Tutor?

Applicants for non-resident tutor positions use the same application as resident tutors.  Please note that the hiring process for non-resident Tutors generally extends beyond the Resident Tutor process. Those interested in non-Resident roles after the close of this application should contact the House offices individually.

Please note that only non-exempt Harvard employees are ineligible to be tutors.